¡Salud y Buen Provecho!

Restauran & Bar

Specialty Ceviche 

​​Villa Peru specialty is ceviche, One of the most popular dishes among Peruvians, — bite-size pieces of white fish soaked in lime juice and chiles, topped with raw onions, and served with garnishes of sweet potato and giant kernels of Peruvian corn. 

Most of our traditional cocktails are made with Pisco, a very aromatic Peruvian brandy. The popular Pisco Sour, with its perfect balance of bittersweet, or the tasty and fruity Maracuya Sour, are testament to the sophisticated tastes our drinks possess.

Chef's Specials


Pisco Bar

This cute and cozy little eatery in Tempe serves up traditional Peruvian cuisine. The menu includes dishes with an abundance of raw or cured seafood, onions, acidic and aromatic limes, potatoes, and tongue-tingling spice from fresh and fruity aji peppers.